Demolition Contractor Services

Your full-service trash removal company in Buffalo, AAA Trash Be Gone also specializes in demolition and construction debris removal. Our demolition contractors can safely and effectively eliminate old buildings, concrete slabs, and other structures you want removed from your property. From demolition services to hauling away the debris, the professionals at AAA Trash Be Gone have you covered.

Whether you're interested in removing an eyesore from your yard or need the old shed or patio removed before you can get a new project started, AAA Trash Be Gone is here to help. Our demolition contractors provide safe building dismantling, concrete demolition, and more. We'll create a customized demolition plan for your specific project, identifying potential challenges and taking steps to mitigate them before the project ever starts. We offer:

  • Pool removal
  • Garage and shed demolition
  • Concrete breaking and removal
  • And more!

At AAA Trash Be Gone, we have the tools and expertise you can count on to tackle a broad range of light demolition projects, and we can help get your property cleared, cleaned, and ready for the next stage in its life--be that wide open lawn, a new gazebo, or an addition to your home.

When it comes to demolition, our pros make safety our number one concern. That includes the safety of your home and property, the safety of our team, and the safety of you and your family. We put our years of professional experience to work for you, assessing risks and ensuring your shed, concrete, or other structure is dismantled and demolished safely and appropriately. When you want demolition services done right, AAA Trash Be Gone is the expert for the job.

Debris Removal and Construction Site Cleanup

Don't forget, in addition to demolition services, AAA Trash Be Gone also offers trash removal and construction site clean up. Unlike demolition contractor companies that knock down buildings and tear up concrete and just leave you with a mess, our crew can also offer site clean up. We have a full fleet of dump trucks and roll-off dumpsters, and we can handle demolition debris of virtually any size. From concrete and wood to drywall and wiring, AAA Trash Be Gone can take any and all construction and demolition debris. Let our team do the whole job from demolition to complete site clean up. Call today to learn more!

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